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Kerry is a psychic. She has an ability to interpret both the energy and voices she hears from external, often extra-sensory sources, to provide an insight into the lives of the people she provides a service to.
Kerry is also a medium. Mediumship is the ability to experience and channel spiritual contact. The medium’s role is to facilitate communication with spirits to those whom are non-mediums.
Kerry is also a clairvoyant. The term clairvoyant is derived from the 17th century French meaning ‘clear’ (clair) ‘vision’ (voyant). Unlike mediumship, clairvoyance is the ability to interpret information about a person from known events and is known as a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP).
Crossing Over
Kerry provides crossing over services. A crossing over is the ability to do mediumship in a group based format channelling messages to and from deceased friends and family (often known as the ‘other side’). Kerry regularly provides crossing over services. Due to the deep focus and concentration required it is the most exhausting of all psychic services. A crossing over can also be done as a 1 on 1 service.
Kerry uses the skill of Psychometry in the services she provides. Psychometry is a skill used in various psychic services, particularly personal and interpretative readings. It is the ability to gather and interpret energy from an object owned by (or about) the client in order to form an opinion about the future events in the life of the person who has possession of the object. For example Kerry may use the watch of a client to provide a reading. Psychometry can also be used on letters, photographs, emails, questions or any other form of personal possession.
Kerry provides reading services to her clients. A reading can be done in two formats – either verbally or written. A verbal reading is done through face to face or over the phone interaction. In written format, typically emailed, it is done after taking in non-verbal inputs such as photo’s, questions, emails, letters and personal possessions etc.
Tarot Cards
Kerry does NOT provide tarot card reading services (though she does have the skill to do so). When randomly drawn from a deck of 78 cards, Tarot cards are interpreted by a reader for their predictive impact on the future of the person to whom the reading applies. Tarot card readers need NOT possess psychic abilities to provide a reading. It is merely an interpretive process of the cards drawn by the Customer.